Make Some Noise

The Opportunity

Researchers discovered that trust increased when customers were provided with some type of auditory signal to confirm their shopping actions. This could be something as simple as a short sound when the “Add to Cart” or “Checkout” button was pressed.

Observed across different platforms (websites, mobile apps and self-checkout kiosks), increasing customer trust (+23%) led to a significant downstream impact by improving experience satisfaction (+12%) and future purchase intentions (+16%). These effects were moderated by some interesting factors, including the pitch of the sound used (higher was better) and the environment the customer was in at the time.

While none of this research suggests we should return to the dark days of websites playing inescapable background music, it’s worth exploring how your business can engage all the senses – even in small ways.

The Source

Reynolds-McIlnay, Ryann & Morrin, Maureen. (2019). Increasing Shopper Trust in Retailer Technological Interfaces via Auditory Confirmation. Journal of Retailing. 95. 10.1016/j.jretai.2019.10.006.